10 meter contest Dec 10 & 11


The annual ARRL 10 meter SSB and CW contest is happening this weekend.
This 10 meter contest is an opportunity for Technician license class
hams (and higher classes too),to get some HF air time!

When the 10 Meter is open during the sun spot cycle, even
modest stations with modest antennas can communicate world wide.

Though it is a contest operation, it is not a requirement that you
actually participate to win points. You may simply operate, tuning
around, and contact stations that sound interesting to you. It you
like to actually compete, the ARRL web site has the full contest info.

The point to remember is that the operation is in contest format with a
very specific protocol. It is generally not conducive to extended
conversations. You simply exchange specific bits of information and
is all that is expected. That information to be exchanged is: Your call
sign, his signal
strength (generally described as “five nine” – strong and clear), and
your state – Texas for us local folks.

Call Sign, Signal Report, and State isn’t very exciting as an exchange
of info, but it is quick and simple. You can tune around and choose
states or countries you would like to contact.

Remember, the 10 Meter Technician SSB band is 28.300 MHz to 28.500 MHz.
Almost all contest activity will be there.

This contest runs from 0000 UTC Saturday to 2359 UTC Sunday. For us in
the Central Standard Time zone that is 6 PM Friday evening to 6 PM
Sunday evening but most activity will be during daylight hours.

Plan on some chair time and make some contacts!