Field Day June 22-23, 2019

Dale Durham, W5WI, Re-elected WTX section Manager

Time flies!  Field Day this year has caught a lot of us by surprise.
This year June has five weekends and since Field Day falls on the fourth
weekend of June, many of us are not ready.

In checking the Field Day locator on the ARRL webpage I don’t see many
West Texas Section clubs listed as having Field Day activities.  If your
club is planning on participating in Field Day and they are not already
listed on the Locator, please do so.

This year I will be visiting Midland, Odessa, Alpine and Big Springs.
To the folks back east that would appear to be a short trip.  Out here
in the vast wide open spaces of West Texas this trip will cover about
700 miles.

As you know a contact with me or our Section Emergency Coordinator David
Overton, KF5WDJ, is worth 100 points. Folks wishing to contact me or
David for Field Day points can contact the 7.290 net or the 3.873 Texas
Traffic Net and pass traffic for either of us through them.  Our Section
Net Coordinator Rusty WE5TXS will contact us and we’ll reply back to you
via the nets. Or you may send either of us a Winlink message. Winlink
has a ICS 213 template for your use.  If you send one of us a Winlink
message we’ll reply via Winlink to you.

Have a great Field Day!

ARRL West Texas Section
Section Manager: Harlon Dale Durham, W5WI

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