The West Texas Section Team 

H. Dale Durham – W5WI
     Section Manager
I’ve been interested in Amateur Radio since I was 8 years old. I didn’t get a license until flying remote control aircraft and wanted to use 6m band for airplane control frequencies     
J David Overton KF5WDJJ. David Overton – KF5WDJ
Section Emergency Coordinator
Ron Harden, WT5XRon Harden – WT5X
Section Public Information Coordinator
Affiliate Club Coordinator
Past Section Manager
Rusty Plocheck, WE5TXSRussel E. Plocheck, WE5TXS
Section Traffic Manager
Christopher W. Williamson, KD5SYI
Section Youth Coordinator
Tammy Harden, KB5NLPTammy Harden, KB5NLP
Assistant Section Manager
Billy Roberts, W5NPRBilly D. Roberts, W5NPR
Assistant Section Manager
Past Section Manager
Kelly Briarton, KB2RNKelly Briarton, KB2RN
Assistant Section Manager
Carl Jeans, N5YXNCarl Jeans, N5YXN
Assistant Section Manager