The West Texas Section Team

H. Dale Durham, W5WI
Section Manager

I’ve been interested in Amateur Radio since I was 8 years old. I didn’t get my license until I started flying remote control aircraft and wanted to use 6m band for airplane control frequencies.

Email: w5wi@arrl.org

J David Overton KF5WDJJ. David Overton, KF5WDJ
Section Emergency Coordinator

I got my license in my mid-50’s and became interested in the emergency communications aspect of the hobby.  The local Permian Basin Ares Net gave me a start, followed by involvement in the Maritime Mobile Service Net. MMSN led to Winlink, the Hurrican Watch Net, SYWARN, RACES, repeaters, Echolink, Allstar, D-Star and onward  The adventure never ends.  You will always be able to learn something new in Amateur Radio.

Email: kf5wdj@att.net

Ron Harden, WT5XRon Harden, WT5X
Section Public Information Coordinator
Affiliate Club Coordinator

I have been licensed since mid ’80s and currently hold an Extra Class License. I have served and am again privileged to serve as the Section PIC, Assistant Section Manager, ARES EC and am a past WTX Section Manager. I am an Instructor and VE Liason. I am currently serving as the vice President and am a past President of the Key City Amateur Radio Club in Abilene. Don’t let any of that impress you! I’m a glutton for punishment. My true love in this hobby is seeing folks get licensed and on the air. This is a great hobby and just about anyone, with a little work can join us!! Ask me how…I would love to help you.

Email: wt5x@wt5x.org


Rusty Plocheck, WE5TXSRussel E. Plocheck, WE5TXS
Section Traffic Manager

Email: we5txs@suddenlink.net

Christopher W. Williamson, KD5SYI
Section Youth Coordinator

Email: chris@texasaggie.us

Tammy Harden, KB5NLPTammy Harden, KB5NLP
Assistant Section Manager

Email: kb5nlp@wt5x.org

Billy Roberts, W5NPRBilly D. Roberts, W5NPR
Assistant Section Manager

Email: w5npr@bigbend.net

Kelly Briarton, KB2RNKelly Briarton, KB2RN
Assistant Section Manager


I became interested in amateur radio while overlanding throughout the Southwest several years ago then finally became licensed in 2019. I am learning more and more about ham radio all the time. I am a VE and enjoy VHF/UHF, D-STAR & Echolink. My other hobbies include hiking, photography, sewing & two German Shepherds.

Email: kb2rn@arrl.net

Carl Jeans, N5YXNCarl Jeans, N5YXN
Assistant Section Manager