Club Grant Program — Additional Resources

Hello All,

We are now into June and I hope you all are making progress on applying
for a ARRL Club Grant for your club.

It is rare when funding is available to support and help clubs grow and
I hope all of you are making the most of this opportunity.

I encourage you to watch the following videos to help you frame your
grant requests.  I’ve received inquiries regarding projects, although
worthwhile, may not fit the criteria specified.  I’d hate to see clubs
put forth a lot of effort into preparing a grant request that won’t make
it past the starting gate.

The first video I recommend is the one ARRL presented on May 5th.  It is
well worth reviewing:

Go to:

This video will frame the grant program and point you in the right
direction.  PowerPoint slides from the program may be clicked on from
within the grant website.

One of the links will take you to the Kaleidoscope website where you
will complete the background information and be able to complete your
application online.

Go to:

In the above video reference is made to Jason Johnson’s YouTube Channel
Ham Radio 2.0.  Jason presents a video on how to fill out the
kaleidoscope application forms, etc.

Go to:

And, for additional information Tim Duffy K3LR of DX Engineering and Bob
Inderbitzen, of ARRL HQ discuss the program in one of Tim’s many videos.

More information and any questions about the ARRL Foundation Club Grant
Program can be sent to

Good luck with your applications!