Renewing your license?

Here’s what you need to do to register in the new CORES system.

You must do this before you can renew your license:

THE FCC has a new CORES system – you must create a new account –

None of your information was transferred from the old system.

REMEMBER the CORES System is about “YOU”
FRN System is about your “LICENSE”

The ULS System is how you search for information

Go to:

Select:         Need a Username?

             Click:      REGISTER

Fill out form with your email address <=== WRITE THIS DOWN AND SAVE IT!
Create a password <=== WRITE THIS DOWN AND SAVE IT!

Fill in the rest of your information

Click:       SUBMIT

An email will be sent to you with a link in it.

Open the email and click the link

You will be Verified

Sign off your email

Go back to:

Go to:        USERNAME LOGIN

Type the email and password from above

Click:      LOG IN


Type in your     FRN
Type in             “personal ham radio license” without the quotes

Click:                CONTINUE

Your existing FRN and License(s) info will be linked to your “new” CORES account.

Now you will be able to renew, apply, edit your existing license info

The change is necessary because the new CORES System is used for the billing/payment of fees.

Everyone will need to create a new CORES account, even if you had one in the old CORES System.


Renewing your ham license