West Gulf Division Newsletter January 2019

A special message from your Director

“Everything that the ARRL undertakes must be 100% for the general good.  That policy bred loyalty and confidence.  With those two things an organization can proper forever.”
Hiram Percy Maxim , September 1927 QST.

History.  I joined the ARRL Board in 2000 as Vice Director after Jim Haynie, W5JBP, was elected President and Coy Day, N5OK, moved up to Director.  That is nearly twenty years ago!  I never thought that I would spend nearly twenty years on the ARRL Board.

Legislation.  During those years many things have happened in the West Gulf Division (WGD).  Positive things that have improved the status of all amateur radio operators.  One of the most important  improvements apply to those living in Homeowner Association’s properties all because of an active legislative agenda that was started while I was Vice Director, thanks to the approval of Coy Day, and continued after I became Director with the assistance of my Vice Director, John Stratton, N5AUS.  Hundreds of man hours and inches of shoe leather were expended by the WGD’s Legislative Team and, even with those sacrifices, the WGD’s legislative agenda would not have been successful without the support of you, the member.  When you were asked to contact your legislator, you did so immediately and enthusiastically.  Whether the mission was to support legislation or, often more important, to kill legislation, you were there.  Don’t be surprised if you are asked to help again during this year’s legislative session.  Remember, whenever the legislature is in session, we are all at risk! HI HI

Hamfests and Conventions.  I have attended many dozen over the years and I wish I could have attended more.  Amateur radio operators are revitalized at hamfests and conventions where forums have replaced flea market tables and Lifetime Learning has become the standard and there is so much to learn.  The knowledge base for amateur radio has expanded
exponentially and amateurs are actively seeking knowledge to effectively utilize the new technologies, especially the digital communication modes.

Technology.  JT65, FT8, D-Star, Fusion, DMR and P25 today and who knows what will pop up tomorrow or the next day.  Literally, there is no limit to where amateur radio can go with digital technologies in the future.

Volunteers.  Without volunteers, the ARRL would fail.  If you hold an ARRL volunteer position or if you are a club official, thank you for your service.  If you are not either today, volunteer tomorrow and keep amateur radio strong.  Like the Marines, the ARRL always needs a “few good men”.  The WGD has a rich history of volunteers doing a great job to keep amateur radio healthy and secure.

Friends.  I have made so many and none of those acquaintances would have been possible had I not been a Vice Director and Director.  I am truly blessed with good friends and good memories.

But.  After twenty years, it is time for me to move on.  At the end of the ARRL Board meeting, January 19, I will retire as Director and John Stratton, N5AUS, will move up to the Director position.  A candidate is now being vetted to serve as John’s Vice Director and an announcement should be forth-coming in a few weeks.   Thank you for your support, your assistance, your friendship.

I promise I won’t forget you if you don’t forget me.  We made
history together and the future is ours to create.  Thanks to all!

Good DX with no QRM


David, K5RAV

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