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City: El Paso, TX

Call Sign: W5ES

Webpage: http://www.w5es.net

We are looking forward to a Zoom presentation by Dr. Bob Heil on sound and improving your station performance on August 27th at 7:00PM MST. Bob volunteered to talk with us after chatting with Joel, N6TOC so be sure to tune in! Check out his attached Bio!


Bob Heil is a sound engineering innovator creating and manufacturing some of the first large scale arena sound systems for leading entertainment groups. The past decade, Heil Sound has led the commercial Broadcast and live entertainment industry with new innovations of microphone technology.  He has consistently worked as a teacher and lecturer, often appearing at national audio and Amateur Radio conventions.   He has published five books on music and technology.

Bob has been giving a number of awards and honors including the “International Amateur Radio Operator of the year” in 1982, an award that had been held by Senator Barry Goldwater, K7UGA the year before.

He continues to play the Wurlitzer theatre organ at several major theaters and produces the “Theatre Organ Under the St Louis Arch” program each Saturday at 7:00 pm on the 100kw Tennessee based International shortwave station, WTWW.  He holds an Honorary PHD in Music and Technology from University of Missouri.  Heil Sound is the only manufacture in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

His presentations include

* How to adjust your DSP radios

* Phasing

* Antenna Arrays

* Visit to Bell labs

* How the Human Ear works

 Dr. Bob Heil K9EID


SKYPE bobheilmac


Hi there Hamsters,

I have attached the latest W5ES bulletin here. Please read and enjoy. Lew has an interesting article on Emergency Coordination. There is information about required Radiation evaluation and/or testing, and we have begun to list items for sale.

Please advise any problems or questions you might have.


Paul AE5OJ