Panhandle ARC

City: Amarillo, TX
Call Sign: W5WX

Hello From the Texas Panhandle!

Winter Field Day has been a resounding success this year! Operators all over the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle gathered in groups across the area for the exercise. Top Of Texas Amateur Radio Club, Panhandle Amateur Radio Club, and Tulia Amateur Radio Club each had a group that organized several stations for the event. The local news paper wrote articles, word spreads quickly in these parts.  The Tulia bunch had 30 people over the course of the event who came out to come see the magic of radio. Several prospective amateur radio operators came to see what this was all about. A few local emergency management officials came by to see what all we could do.  The BBQ grills all fired up for burgers and hot dogs. The radios were just about as hot as we all made contacts fast and furious with other operators all over the world who were doing the same.  We helped each other erect antennas and set up stations early on Saturday morning. There was a blue northern cold front on the way so the weather decision for Tulia bunch was made. We would operate until after dark, then begin to tear down. The whole day was filled with fun and learning. Demonstrations to folks who showed up to see were ongoing for most of the day. Showing off the solar panels and bioenno batteries, we dazzled with the ability and skill of operating on all bands through out the day. The networking and meeting of new hams to exchange information with was a big part of the camaraderie. Plans for future gatherings and meet ups were made. A wonderful day was shared by all! Cant wait to do it again in June!

The Panhandle Amateur Radio 2021 Field Day Fun

And a great time was had by all!!! The Panhandle Amateur Radio Club Swapfest was a successful, fun filled event.

Check out the event details and photos here

Field Day 2020