Having trouble with your ARRL email?


I’ve received inquiries from a few of our fellow hams regarding access
to the ARRL website and their not being able to receive emails from the
ARRL email proxy site arrl.net.  Below is some information that should
answer many of your questions.

One of the topics that this group receives initial question about is the
arrl.net e-mail forwarding service.   The Member Services staff said
that the arrl.net e-mail system has been having problems in recent days
or so.

Should members are still experiencing trouble with their  arrl.net
address, please ask members to  write to: circulation@arrl.org

There is an  ARRL web page article that explains the general procedures
for signing up for as well as getting help with one’s  arrl.net



  How do I use the @arrl.net forwarding service?-

To opt in for <username>@arrl.net:

Log in to your ARRL profile
Click “Edit your Profile”
Scroll down to your E-mail (Please make sure this is a personal email
Place a check mark next to “Opt-in to have a <username>@arrl.net e-mail
Note: If you select your username to be something other than your call
sign, please keep in mind your e-mail alias will still be
<username>@arrl.net and not <callsign>@arrl.net.
The @arrl.net alias is a forwarding service only, POP3 is not

To Test Your @arrl.net Alias

*Please allow approximately 6 hours for the e-mail forwarding service to
activate after you have selected or modified the information*

Please send a test e-mail from an account other than the address in the
“E-mail” field in your profile. Test messages cannot be sent to

For Example, your e-mail address is jsmith@comcast.net and your arrl.net
alias is xxxxx@arrl.net. If you send a message from jsmith@comcast.net
to your xxxxx@arrl.net alias the message will not forward back into your
jsmith@comcast.net inbox. Send a test message from an alternate account
to get a reliable test and avoid a bounced message.

Note: You cannot have your e-mail set to forward to your xxxx@arrl.net
alias. This action causes a mail routing loop and mail will fail to be
delivered. Also, a bounced message usually does not get generated in
this situation.

For Example, your e-mail address is jsmith@comcast.net and your arrl.net
alias is xxxxx@arrl.net. You cannot have jsmith@comcast.net forwarding
to your xxxxx@arrl.net alias.

Note: A common bounce message that is received through the arrl.net
forwarding is the “User unknown” bounce.

This may mean that you are not opted-in for the forwarding service or
you are not a current active member of ARRL. Please make sure you are
opted-in to use the arrl.net forwarding service and you are a current
active member of ARRL.

Example of a bounce message:

c-pb-mx-quonix.pobox.com rejected your message to the following e-mail

w6dmg@arrl.net (w6dmg@arrl.net)

c-pb-mx-quonix.pobox.com gave this error:
w6dmg@arrl.net: Recipient address rejected: User

Please remember that not all spam going into your e-mail inbox is from
the arrl.net forwarding service. Examination of the header information
is needed to find if the message came through the arrl.net forwarding

Note: If you find that mail is slow to be delivered or seems to be
completely down please visit https://twitter.com/pobox to find out  what
may be happening with our third party arrl.net provider.

Why doesn’t my arrl.net address work when I try to test it?

Note:  If a message is sent from the same address that is receiving the
message (ie your arrl.net destination address), it is very likely that
the message will be silently deleted.  This happens to prevent spam from
being sent with forged mail headers or to prevent the possibility of the
message looping.  This filtering is being done by the sending and/or
receiving ISPs and NOT by ARRL, therefore ARRL has no control over what
occurs with these messages.

Note:  Over time ARRL has seen an increasing number of ISP’s
implementing these checks, and the responding to the situation in
different ways. Some silently drop messages, others might generate a
rejection or bounce message. Some have even taken the steps of banning
future messages from the same email address or even email server.

For further assistance with your @arrl.net forwarding service, Contact