Texoma Hamarama — Like Arnold, It’s B-a-a-c-k!!!

The absolutely fun Ardmore, Oklahoma Texoma Hamarama, which we have
missed for the past years due to the COVID monster is — due to the
dedication, hardwork and plain refusal to give up of some great Oklahoma
leaders and Texoma Association club members — back. The 74th Annual
Texoma Hamarama will start Friday, October 21, 2022 at 5:00 pm.
Something new for 2022 is a special raffle of a spectacular ICOM
705 “package” — containing the ICOM 705, an automatic tuner, carrying
cages AND “more.” This is an outstanding prize package — don’t miss
buying a ticket.

Limited tailgating will be available on the west side of the
convention center.
For more information:    http://hamarama.org/

Be there, or be square!

John Robert Stratton
Proud to be the
West Gulf Division Director